Sunday, March 01, 2009
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Department to organise fairs to fill up 8,000 vacancies

PUTRAJAYA: There are 8,000 jobs available and the Labour Department will
organise job placement programmes every two weeks.

The programmes will be held in 15 locations nationwide.

Those retrenched and graduates who were unemployed for more than one year
would be given priority, said department director-general Datuk Ismail Abdul

He added that this was among the measures being taken to help those who have
lost their jobs due to the economic crunch, apart from providing assistance
to workers needing retraining before they could gain new employment.

“More assistance will be rendered from time to time,” Ismail told reporters

The job placement programme will kick off tomorrow in four locations – Shah
Alam, Johor Baru, Penang and Kota Kinabalu – involving 8,250 jobs offered by
66 employers.

Ismail said that between October and Feb 25, a total of 22,887 people had
lost their jobs, including 5,066 through voluntary separation schemes.

The department, through its JobsMalaysia programme, had helped 1,200 people
get re-employed.

The number of employers who laid off their workers during this period
totalled 654, mostly in the manufacturing sector.

Ismail said companies providing training would also join the job placement
fairs and offer the various courses available.

Each trainee would be given a monthly allowance between RM500 and RM800 for
up to six months.
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