Tuesday, February 17, 2009
If You Were Only True

Since the first day I saw you,
I've never been the same.
My life's been so confusing,
and you're the one to blame . . .

I was in a relationship already;
I had been for awhile.
We were having so many problems,
so I never really smiled.

Then one day, when I was sad,
you cheered me up
and made me glad.
We fell in love,
and that was good;
but since I was taken,
I knew I never should -

I never should have loved you;
this shouldn't have happened to me.
You always made me happy,
and you opened my eyes to see.
I saw that my future was clear,
and oh so true;
so then I broke it off with him
to start a relationship with you.

You were always good to me,
until that dreadful day.
I can't believe I caught you with her,
and you had nothing to say.

You always said you'd be true to me,
and now I know you lied.
You lied to me and hurt me,
and so every night I cried.

I cried because you hurt me,
and soon it will happen to you;
you know this would have never happened,
If you were only true.
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