Monday, February 02, 2009
FYI t/2009/r/retrench1bloo_ms.htm is now offering a service to members who
may be threatened by recent retrenchments due to companies feeling the
effects of the economic slowdown.

As news of retrenchments and company downsizing has become more
evident in this part of the region, some may face a hard time in their
careers. Rest assured, we are here to help. We have a team of career
consultants who can help place affected job seekers in jobs that's
suitable to them. However, please be reminded that there is no guarantee.

By applying through this application, job seekers will allow us to
send their resumes to our large pool of clients. We may even be
calling job seekers for further details if required. Our tip to job
seekers will be to update their resumes with the most current
information so that it will increase their success rate of getting a job.

All that affected job seekers need to do is click on the links below
to apply. They will then find out how to further speed up the process
and increase their chances of securing a job through our team of experts.

Human Resource
Finance – Service Sector
Finance – Product Sector
Engineering – Oil & Gas
Engineering – Electric & Electronics
Engineering – Semi Conductor / EMS
Engineering – Building / Construction
Engineering – Others
Information Technology
Sales & Marketing
Customer Service

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