Monday, June 29, 2009
Hidden among all the words
In the vast vocabulary of everyday

Lies a single, short word
Confusing to everyone in every way

Some people insist they are experts
Knowing everything it entails

Others readily deny it
and admit to knowing that it fails

Poets old and new alike
Have forever guided its reputation

Telling of the happiness and joy
Or its ever present state of devastation

People view this single term
With their own experience in mind

And come to their own conclusion
But many are viewing it blind

Many people admit to using it loosely
Not fully understanding its heavy weight

Others admit to never saying it
Not willing to suffer an ill fate

As a person stuck in between
Looking at it from both sides

I know the feelings of both
And the emotions it provides

As a woman of only 18 years
I can admit and honestly say

That love has eluded me so far
All I can do now is pray

That I will one day learn
What it is like to be

Surrounded by this word
From someone who has it for me
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