Friday, February 11, 2011

A balloon, filled with air, floats in an infinite sea of air. And the balloon says to itself, "I'm an individual. I live in a world full of individuals. A world of me and mine: my thoughts, my memories, my beliefs, my achievements, my successes, my failures, my past, my future, my relationships. I own a little piece of the whole, a little piece of life. This is my little part of everything."

What the balloon fears most is its own popping - in other words, its own death - because it sees this as the ultimate loss of 'me and mine'. In other words, death is the loss of 'my little part of everything'. The end of 'my life'.

What the balloon cannot see is that death is liberation. Upon death, 'my little part of everything' simply explodes back into everything. 'My life' dissolves back into life itself. And what is seen is that 'my life' was always an illusion, because there was never anyone there separate from everything. There was only ever everything. The balloon never 'had' anything to begin with, and so could never 'lose' anything. In other words, there is no 'individual' separate from life itself - there only appears to be.

The mind (thought) will never be able to comprehend this. But somewhere beyond the mind, somewhere beyond the stories we tell about life, somewhere beyond all of our concepts, philosophies, ideologies, religions... there can be a recognition, a resonance, a knowing. And that's what this message is really about: a recognition that's totally beyond mind and beyond words.

You are perfect as you are - even in your imperfection. Life is perfect as it is, even if you cannot see that yet. This is a journey into your own absence, an absence which finally reveals itself as the perfect presence of everything, as the Home you've always been seeking, and what will be found is this: You wrote these words yourself, to remind yourself of what, deep down, you have always known.
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