Monday, January 07, 2008
People say that when darkness and
light meet everything will perish but
they never know. Has it ever happened
before? People say ‘no’ to my question
but I see the fear in their eyes.

I see people stare at me when I walk
past. You have never done that to me
and that’s why I feel safe around you.
I think we were meant to be friends
even if no one else does.

I felt alone when I first arrived like
the odd one out but I could feel
someone in the castle who I knew I had
to meet. So I went to look.

And I found you. Ever since then I
have had happiness, I know nobodies
aren’t meant to have emotions but I
don’t always believe that when I’m
around you.

You are the light that keeps me from
fading into darkness. I know people
aren’t always kind but when I’m with
you it’s like all my troubles
disappear just like heartless do when
you kill them when they try to hurt me.

I know I will always be able to trust
you. No matter who comes between us I
will try to find a way back to you. I
promise you that. If you believe I can
keep that promise I will be able to.

I know something that you don’t and
that is why I wrote this to tell
you…….. The thing is…….
People have been trying to keep us
away from one another because I am
light and you are darkness……..
But if this is true then why has there
been no conflict in between us. No
matter what we are or what we are
supposed to be nothing can come
between us I swear.

“I may not know its you and you may
not know it’s me but we will meet
again. Someday soon. I PROMISE” Those
were my last words I said to you but
this is my real thoughts. To you…..
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