Saturday, November 01, 2014
“We have helped the helpless, so our path will be smooth and safe. We have uplifted the downtrodden, so we can avoid troubles on our path. We have busied ourselves in singing the Lord’s Glory in chorus , so we are sure of Heaven”— these are the calculations of some people who engage themselves in ‘good acts’. When such people give up their bodies, their soul reaches Chandra Loka (region of the Mind) as a Deva (angel). Residence in that Loka (region) is the reward they have secured for their good deeds in the past. When the joy emanating from the good deeds is experienced and finished, the balance of the consequences accumulated has to be suffered, and so the soul comes back to earth as a human. Therefore, one has to engage in charitable acts and attain the highest good, cleansing one’s heart in the process. Once this happens one reaches Brahma Loka (the region of Brahma) from where there is no coming back.
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