Monday, August 20, 2007
An innocent smile
makes the day bright,
And an innocent thought
makes the whole life peaceful,
So with a smile start thinking right!

Positivity Prevails

Having a positive outlook can remarkably change the way you live your life. There is science behind the scenes working for you, day and night, to ensure that what you've been saying and thinking is what you get tomorrow.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful scientific law ever discovered. It operates with mathematical precision and it simply lines up similar thoughts, people, places, circumstances and events for you to experience.

When you say;

I appreciate that
I applaud that
I really like that
I acknowledge the value in that

The universe in that very moment is conspiring to bring you more of it. On the flip side of the coin when you say;

I dislike that
I do not want that
I hate that
That shouldn't be here, get it away

The universe responds to your emotions (which are derived from your thoughts and words) and yields more of it!

Be careful with what you think.

You do not need to make a big thing of this! It doesn't matter if you think a negative thought, and a little bit of those negative thoughts get into your experience. It does not matter. Just make sure that you consciously choose better thoughts when you remember to do so.

It is good practice to make an effort every now and then to think nothing but good thoughts so that you can rest assured that more of it is on the way.

Thoughts are where your power comes from. Your thoughts are the biggest influencer's on your emotions. It is your emotions that are doing the work here and so if you can control your thoughts, you can therefore control your emotions.

It is estimated that humans have 60,000 thoughts every single day. Trying to control them all and keep them tightly on a leash would be tough to say the least. However you can make just a little bit of effort here and there and successful alter the outcome of certain experiences well in advance of you getting there.


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